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VaporDrift RC Drift Car

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✅ Precise Throttle Management

✅ VaporDrift Emissions System

✅ Drift Configuration with All-Wheel Drive

💨 Drift Everywhere at 1:16 Scale

🎁 Limited Time Offer - Buy 2 Get 1 Free !

Car: Mustang Black

Ready To Drift?

Embrace the sideways thrill! With the VaporDrift, drifting becomes an everywhere affair. Discover the exhilarating flow of sideways motion in any location. Unveil the perfect corner exit—it's out there, just waiting for you to seize it and bring it to life.

Smoke Them With Nitro Effect

With the VaporDrift smoke edition you can now add a Nitro effect to your drifts. They are built to slide and drift with ease, just like real cars! With its powerful motor and 4-wheel drive system, you'll have total control on the track.

Unparalleled Drifting Performance:

VaporDrift Car takes drifting to a whole new level with its exceptional performance capabilities.

Equipped with advanced drifting technology, this remote control car delivers precision control, allowing you to perform smooth, controlled drifts like a pro.

Feel the thrill as you slide effortlessly around corners, execute precise maneuvers, and leave your friends in awe of your drifting skills.

Drift it your own way !

Looking for top speed?

Utilize the included wrench to swap out tires. With high-traction tires installed, the Vapor Slide can reach speeds of over 11 MPH, supported by the sturdy Impact Body ready to tackle any obstacles head-on.

Built to Last

The Vapordrifts are tough enough for high-speed racing. It's made from durable materials and has a strong chassis and suspension system to handle tough terrains and crashes. This car is built to last, giving you reliable performance and value for your money.

The smoke is just too cool. You can control on the remote. The car is surprisingly fast and once you get used to drifting it's an absolute blast. Highly recommend it if you like the idea of driving around your house!

Jhon G.