• Safe for Natural Eyelashes

    Bid farewell to messy adhesives and


  • Authentic Look

    Seamlessly blends with your natural lashes

  • Easy To Use

    Apply our lashes within seconds and refer to the picture for usage instructions.

  • Featherweight

    So comfortable, you won't even notice they're there.

  • Durable

    Experience the enhanced look for at least 6 uses

  • Allergen-Friendly

    Kind to your skin.

Over 1000+ Happy Lashes!

-   Sarah

 "Absolutely love these! They definitely give me the volume I want for my lashes. Maria from the customer support team handled my order like an angel, everything was transparent every step of the way. Amazing."

-   Emily

 "My daughter recently discovered that she is allergic to eyelash glue. I scoured the Internet to find self-adhesive eyelashes that would not irritate her eyes. These are the only ones that won't make her eyes water or start to burn! They've been a lifesaver for us."

-   Samantha

 "As promised- super easy to apply. I got all 3 variants because I like to have different choices when it comes to lashes. This is a good bargain for 3 pairs of lashes. Already sticky and ready to apply."